MTH 133 - Spring 2022

I am the recitation instructor for sections 6 & 12. These recitations are online and the zoom link can be found on your d2l page. Best way to get help in this class is through the Piazza Forum (need MSU d2l log-in to access the link) and MLC. I am doing MTH 133 MLCs online on Wednesday and Thursday from 6:20pm - 7:30pm. You can also schedule office hours (on zoom) by emailing me at 

This is not a course website (since I am only TA-ing this course). I will use this to host the following documents: 

Examples of solids that you would want to use the "washer method" to find the volume. These are hollow in the centers (not necessarily all the way through).

One type of questions on section 5.2 of WeBWork deals with solids which have a circular base and cross-sections (perpendicular to the base) that are either circles or squares or even triangles. Did you ever wondered what these solids look like?